* 1. Most of my care was at:

* 2. Were you satisfied with the physical facility at the office where you received care?

* 3. Were you happy with your treatment by the front desk/support staff at the office where you received most of your care?

* 4. If you were seeing us for your pregnancy, where were you planning on giving birth?

* 5. Were you able to give birth where you wanted?

* 6. Were you happy with the care you received from the midwives and or Dr Cammarano in the office?

* 7. Were you happy with the length of time you spent in your visits, was it too long or too short?

* 8. Were all your questions answered and you felt actively involved in your care?

* 9. Who was your primary care provider? (at birth if you had a birth, OR in the office if you had a visit)

* 10. Anything else you would like to share with us?

100% of survey complete.