Employment Information

What are your plans next summer? We’re collecting information via our Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3 Placement Survey to enter into our annual Rotman Commerce Employment Report.

This report benchmarks our program in relation to other undergraduate business programs and helps us understand the goals and aspirations of our students so that we are aligning our program and initiatives to your career plans. In turn, we share aggregate information gathered with you so you will better understand where Rotman Commerce graduates go, who hires them, and the starting salaries offered.

Are you seeking employment? We’d like to know that too [fill in this survey]!  We constantly have employers reaching out with summer jobs for upcoming grads and we continue to build programs and services for you!

Regarding the survey:
Individual responses will be kept confidential and will be limited to Rotman Commerce staff only. The survey will only take 2 minutes to complete