STAR Award (Service, Teamwork, Attitude, Reliability)

Consistently excel in his/her position, promotes positive morale through actions of good spirit.

This award category is for an individual who:

- Service: provide outstanding customer service to students, faculty, other staff members; acts in a humanitarian way by “doing the right thing” for another person or group
- Teamwork: Develops and encourages cooperation and collaboration while displaying outstanding group effort.  Consistently offers support, assistance and encouragement to co-workers without being asked to do so; foster community by building bridges for individuals to come together; seeks opportunities to share valuable resources
- Attitude: Consistently demonstrates patience, good humor and enthusiasm while on the job.  Demonstrates excellence in resolving conflicts and/or facing challenges
- Reliability: Provides prompt, efficient and reliable service.  Dependable and trustworthy and instills in his/her co-workers a sense of responsibility and dedication to the department

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* 3. Please describe in 500 words or less:

1.     The specific contribution(s) the nominee has made in one or more of the categories listed.
2.     The specific impact of the contribution(s) above on the department or the university.