IFFEd Civil Society Consultation

The Education Commission has developed these baseline principles for the International Finance Facility for Education. The Commission is now seeking feedback from civil society actors to (1) identify which principles are most important, (2) solicit ideas for any modifications to be considered, (3) provide any additional guidance for contributors and MDBs which is missing from the principles, and (4) map constituencies and assets for the mobilization phase.

Before completing the survey, please review the baseline IFFEd principles document (available in English, Spanish, and French).

All responses to this survey may be made public in the final consultation report. If you wish to send feedback that is not published in the public domain as attributable to your organization, please send your responses to these questions in the body of an email to info@educationcommission.org with the subject line "CONSULTATION FEEDBACK."

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Which principle(s) do you consider the most important? Why?

* 3. What ideas do you have for any modifications to the current principles?

* 4.  What additional guidance or feedback not present in the principles would you like to provide to potential contributors and the multilateral development banks as they negotiate the Facility's design?

* 5. What technical questions do you have that would be helpful to have answered to provide you with a better understanding of the Facility?

* 6. During the mobilization phase to generate contributor support, who are the constituencies you are best positioned to influence (e.g. levels of government, countries or regions, specific leaders, etc.).  Please be as specific as possible.

* 7. During the mobilization phase, what assets would assist in your ability to campaign for the International Finance Facility for Education?

* 8. Please select the type of organization you represent

* 9.  How is your organization's membership/constituency defined? What voices does your organization represent (please be as specific as possible)?

* 10. How is your organization funded? (Check all that apply)