Wake County Fire Commission needs your input!

The Wake County Fire Commission would like your feedback to help guide a new long-range business plan. This plan will help ensure we serve our communities in the best way possible.
Fire Service Fast Facts
  • Unincorporated Wake County is served by 18 fire departments that have primary responsibilities within their assigned insurance districts but respond anywhere in the county as part of a county wide mutual aid agreement.
  • Boundaries for fire insurance districts are developed based on closest station response.
  • Wake County fire departments are funded by taxes levied on all unincorporated areas of Wake County within six miles of a fire station.
  • Each department submits an annual budget to the county for consideration during the overall county budget process.
  • Currently, in the unincorporated areas of Wake County or in the Town of Wendell, residents pay 9.10 cents per 100-dollar value on real property for fire protection services. 
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