1. Social Venture Partners - How We Work

Social Venture Partners (“SVP”) builds powerful relationships among people who want to give back and the social impact organizations that make change possible.  We are a diverse group of individual donors (“Partners”) – business people, entrepreneurs, and social impact leaders – who combine our skills, resources, and networks to help social impact organizations succeed.  We focus our philanthropy on capacity building and work with you to strengthen your organization and increase your impact in the community.

Through the Opportunity Review Process, SVP Dallas will review applications from social impact organizations that wish to become advisees. If selected, these advisees will receive pro bono consulting initially through one short-term capacity building project.   SVP partners provide advisees with strategic advice and coaching on the most important challenges or opportunities.  After one project is complete, additional projects may be initiated based upon the advisee’s needs and SVP’s fit and capacity. Typically, advisees will stay in the portfolio for no more than 1 year.  After one or more advisee project is completed, SVP Dallas and the advisee will determine if it is appropriate for the advisee to apply to become an “investee.”  Along with additional pro bono consulting over an extended period, investees also receive financial grants. SVP Dallas will consider making a financial grant or investment only to social impact organizations that are selected as an advisee and complete at least one successful capacity building project.

SVP Dallas works to build trust and establish true partnerships with organizations, working alongside social impact organizations to improve their ability to deliver effective programs and fulfill their mission.  For Advisees, we seek organizations that can benefit from and are willing to embrace a partnership that includes hands-on involvement by SVP Dallas Partners, regular self-reflection, and measurement of results.

Guiding Principles

SVP believes we have the greatest opportunity working with social impact organizations that have:

  • A shared understanding of the importance of building internal organizational capacity to achieve their mission;
  • A clearly articulated mission for the organization’s programs and infrastructure;
  • Strong, stable and committed leadership;
  • The internal capacity (staff, board & financial resources) to embrace an SVP partnership, which includes regular self-assessment, working with -volunteers, and committing to reviewing documents and materials relevant to project work;
  • A track record of successful collaboration and/or partnership, indicating the organization’s ability to embrace and benefit from SVP’s mentorship and other in-kind services, as well as SVP’s financial support;
  • Proven results indicating the desire to expand, replicate or otherwise leverage success by addressing the root causes of major community issues;
  • Specific internal organizational challenges that currently prevent achievement of their full potential.
Selection Timeline
January 29, 2020 - Applications Open
February 26, 2020 - Applications due by 5 PM
Week of March 30 - Applicants notified for site visits
Week of April 27 - Applicants invited to present their organization and project at Spark Tank, where SVP partners will select advisees and the winner of a cash prize

Contact Information
Prisma Garcia
Director of Capacity Building

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