* 1. After reviewing our new website design, how likely are you to explore the website?

* 2. How visually appealing is our new website?

* 3. Does the new website appear easy to navigate?

* 4. Why did you visit our Library's website today?

* 5. How easy is it for you to find the needed information on our new website compared to our current website?

* 6. Were there materials or services you discovered on the new website that you didn't know the library offered? If so what were they and would you consider using or participating in them in the future?

* 7. Was there something NOT on our website that would make you want to return on a frequent or recurring basis if it were?

* 8. Use 2 or 3 adjectives to describe our new website.

* 9. What type of device are you using to access our website today?

* 10. What improvements would you make to the design of the new website?

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