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* 1. Which of the following best describes your role?

* 2. What tool(s) do you currently use in courseware development? Check all that apply:

* 3. What type of content is the final product of your work? Check all that apply:

* 4. How long have you been working in courseware development?

* 5. How much formal training have you had in instructional design?

* 6. How may people are currently employed at your organization?

* 7. How many people at your organization work in courseware development?

* 8. In terms of courseware authoring, what features do you feel will be most important to your organization within the next 10 years? Check all that apply:

* 9. In terms of courseware functionality (i.e., how learners actually USE courses), what features do you believe will be most useful to your organization in the next 10 years? Check all that apply:

* 10. Do you have any thoughts on authoring tools that you would like to share?