As per Sport Calgary bylaws (article 2.1.1.iii) Individual Member (Non-Voting) shall be a person interested in furthering and promoting the objectives of the Council.
As an individual member, you will receive:
  • Regular information from Sport Calgary regarding the latest information about sport participation and facility   development,
  • Receive an invitation to the AGM and any Special Meetings of Sport Calgary
  • Information regarding grants available to organizations and individuals
  • Information and or assistance with grant writing and Bylaw revisions
  • The opportunity to promote sport events on Sport Calgary calendar of events
  • The opportunity to participate as a presenting partner in All Sport One Day and All Sport One City
  • An invitation to participate in workshops, educational and networking opportunities around sport issues, governance, and Canadian Sport for Life
  • Hard copies of current research reports, e.g. The Sport Facility Supply & Demand Study
  • Access to additional research Sport Calgary conducts on an ongoing basis
  • Receive a copy of our Annual Review
    Invitations to periodic educational or training opportunities facilitated by Sport Calgary
  • Contribute to the development of sport in Calgary through a variety of means
  • Receive a certificate honouring your commitment to sport in Calgary, and
  • Potential involvement in ad hoc discussion groups and Facility Advisory Groups, which bring people together to find sport solutions to sport issues.
There is no cost for an individual to become a member of Sport Calgary.