* 1. Are You a Certified ESL Teacher?

* 2. Do you teach at any of these schools (members of ETEA)?

* 3. Does your ESL School have Professional Development events for teachers?

* 4. Does your ESL school sponsor teachers' attendance at teachers' conferences such as BCTEAL?

* 5. Are you interested in working for an ETEA Committee?

* 6. Which topics are you interested in discussing at the next PD events?

  Interested Would like to present Not interested
ESL classroom activities
Sharing teaching ideas and resources (comments please)
Integrating all skills
Reducing Prep Time
How to make marking more efficient?
Issues in ESL Curriculum for the future
Issues with Integrating Technology and Classroom Management
Resources for teachers (including technology)
Working Conditions
Contentious Issues at the Workplace
Connection with Community(organizing events, committees SIGs) - leave comment
Propose your own idea

* 7. How do you rate the presentations at todays' event?

  Not Useful OK Very Good Excellent N/A
Preparing Efficient Worksheets for Teaching ESL
Integrating All Skills
Using a Blog for Sharing Teachers' Ideas

* 8. Describe how you felt about the event overall and what you would like us to do better in the future

* 9. Please leave your e-mail address if you are interested in participating or presenting at the next events