1. Your Saxon Experience

100% of survey complete.

Please take some time to answer these 10 questions so that we can gather the necessary information about your experiences with Saxon Mortgage Services. We understand that some questions may not apply to your situation. Simply indicate "Does not apply". Throughout this entire mortgage mess, no company, organization or branch of government has taken the time to "ask" the people how they have been treated. We will forward your confidential responses to the FTC, Congressional Oversight Panel, the Attorney General of every state represented and state Senators.

It is our goal to show that out of 100 Saxon customers surveyed, a certain percentage feels they were deceived, believe their loan was mismanaged and/or their loans may have violated a law in some way.

Thank you for your participation.

* 1. Introduce yourself, please.

* 2. Did your loan originate with Saxon or was it transferred to Saxon for servicing?

* 3. Have you had a recent financial hardship that caused you to request a loan modification?

* 4. Please rate your Saxon Experience as it relates to your recent attempts to work with Saxon and resolve your issues

  Every Time Sometimes Very Rarely Never Does not apply
Lack of communication
Lost paperwork
Long hold times
Consistancy within the process
Inconsistant responses
Never received Letters from Saxon
Treated with Respect and Understanding
Courteous and knowledgeable responses

* 5. Were you told you qualified for the HAMP (Homeowners Affordable Modification Program)?

* 6. How long were you in the HAMP Trial period?

* 7. Have you made all the required trial period payments by the end of the trial period? (notice I didn't say did you miss a payment. As their guidelines state, all 3 payments must be made by the end of the trial period in order to be "current")

* 8. In your situation, do you feel Saxon may have violated the laws and/or HAMP regulations?

* 9. If you were denied for HAMP, were you offered any other type of assistance from Saxon?

* 10. Do you believe you are a victim of Mortgage Servicing Fraud or Home Equity Theft? This fraud includes but is not limited to:
* Manipulating the accounting of loan to appear in default despite being current.
* Refusing to accept properly tendered payments.
* Delayed processing of payments in order to charge late fees.
* Charging fees for collection letters, inspections and BPOs.
* Charging interest in excess of that actually owed.
* Forcing high priced Homeowners insurance
* Placing payments into suspense accounts without cause.