Capital Region Human Resource Association
2018 Annual Conference and Marketplace
Empire State Plaza Convention Center, Albany, NY  12210
Thursday, March 29, 2018

We invite you to share your knowledge, experience and expertise with our membership and invited guests at our annual conference.  Human Resource professionals at all levels in their organizations, including generalists, specialists, and HR executives – from the Capital Region of New York and beyond – attend this conference each year.

The conference’s goal is to present timely, informative, and motivational programs to meet the varied needs and interests of HR professionals throughout the Capital Region.

Workshops/sessions (60 minutes long, including question and answer time) should focus on best practices and/or update and enhance participants’ HR and Business knowledge and expertise, and provide specific “take-home” tools to empower participants to look at their practices and add value to their organizations.

All proposals should be submitted no later than Friday, October 27th.

* 1. Presenter Information

* 2. Company Contact (if different from presenter)

* 3. Proposed Session Title

* 4. Presentation Category (may select more than one)

* 5. Who is your target audience?

* 6. Identify the purpose of your session, the specific learning objectives and any “take home” tools to enhance participants’ HR knowledge, and what is unique about your workshop or session. (100 words max)

* 7. Write a brief narrative description of the workshop/session you propose. For sessions that are selected, this narrative will be used in the Conference promotional materials. (75-100 words)

* 8. Has your program previously been approved for continuing education credit through HRCI or SHRM?

* 9. If so, please provide the Approved Activity ID information:

* 10. Provide a brief bio, which may be used in Conference materials, should your session be selected. (75 words max)

* 11. Please describe any SHRM or other relevant conference presentation experience.

* 12. If you have a link to any video content or testimonials, please provide that here:

* 13. Indicate the A/V equipment you will need. We will not be able to make any additions/changes on the day of the event. We do not provide laptop computers; please plan to bring your own, if needed.

* 14. Please outline any proposed speaking fees, including travel cost estimate if you anticipate on submitting these expenses for reimbursement.

* 15. If you are interested in sponsorship or exhibition opportunities at our Annual Conference, please provide the appropriate contact information below, and a member of our Marketing Committee will reach out to you.

* 16. Presenter Responsibilities:
Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge, experience and expertise with HR Professionals.
To ensure smooth operation of the CRHRA Annual Conference and Marketplace, presenters must accept the following responsibilities.

Presenters must agree to:
 - Provide complete proposal by deadline. 
 - Provide workshop materials in electronic format (Microsoft Word or PowerPoint) for distribution to attendees.
 - Presenters who wish to attend any other conference sessions must register for the conference and pay the appropriate cost.
 - Arrive at the conference site and check in at the conference registration desk at least one hour prior to the scheduled session time.
 - Understand that presenters must avoid commercialism, promotion, or advertising of company services and products during the workshop/session.  In addition, unauthorized materials that promote the company and/or products or services may not be distributed. 

By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Presenter Responsibilities outlined above.