* 1. How important is brand quality in your decision to purchase?

* 2. How important is ethics/ brand reputation in your decision to purchase?

* 3. How likely would you be to purchase something from an ethical luxury brand?

* 4. Are you aware of any ethical luxury brands?

* 5. What is your yearly household income? (USD, EUR, or GBP. Apologies to those in other currencies.)

* 6. Are you a boy or a girl? (No cheating.) (and if you have to look, please don't bother finishing this.)

* 7. To which generation do you belong?

* 8. How interested are you in world politics?

* 9. When you're using social networking sites, about how much of your time do you spend looking at what your friends have posted?

* 10. How affected are you by what people think of your actions and decisions?

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