Board Certified Entomologist Job Analysis

A professional credentialing program should reflect the highest standards of what a person engaged in that job does on a daily (or weekly, or monthly, or yearly) basis. For a field as broad as entomology, that can be tough, as the work of an urban pest control professional is very different from the work of a systematist, or administrator, or museum curator, etc.

The Board Certified Entomologist (BCE) program is for all entomologists and the core exam must be equally applicable to everyone. The specialty exams are where the differentiation takes place.

Recently, a committee of 20+ BCEs drafted a content outline that represents a broad approach at what all degreed-entomologists should know. This outline was reviewed and approved by the ESA Certification Board and is now being vetted with a broader array of professional entomologists. This is an important step in the development of this program and your input will be most appreciated. Please keep the broad scope of entomology in mind as you review this survey -- not just your daily work.

This Job Analysis is expected to take 25-30 minutes to complete. We are very interested in your feedback as we make this professional certification program even better.  We will randomly select two recipients from all completed entries to receive a $50 gift card.  Also, all BCE and ACE respondents may claim one hour of community service on their CEU renewal reports when they complete this survey. 

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