In 2019, a majority of private property owners in the neighborhood surrounding Everett Station supported creating a business improvement area (BIA) to provide safety, cleaning, and other services.  The Everett City Council voted 7-0 to create the BIA, but a final vote was never held. With the stay-at-home order in March 2020 at the outset of the pandemic,  the Everett Station District Alliance (ESDA) decided to delay further action.

Considerable time has passed. Circumstances and priorities likely have changed. ESDA wants to understand the interest of property owners at this time to receive programs and services that could be funded by a BIA.

A BIA is a way for neighborhood property owners to join together to fund programs and services for their mutual benefit. A BIA can fund many programs and services, including safety patrols, outreach workers, community ambassadors, cleaning activities, beautification efforts, farmers markets and music festivals, business and neighborhood marketing, urban design planning and advocacy, and much more. The BIA model allows for the costs of these services to be apportioned fairly to all property owners across the district based on land size and value.

We urge all property and business owners in the Everett Station District to take this survey. The information collected will be used to shape a new BIA proposal that reflects the neighborhood's needs and desires, which will be shared with property owners later this fall for your consideration.
This is the very beginning of this renewed discussion about creating a BIA. We welcome your thoughts with an open mind.  The survey will take approximately 6 to 10 minutes.

Please start by telling us about yourself.

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