The Licking County Library provides classroom collections to teachers, preschool instructors, home-school parents, daycare providers and human services organizations. Registered borrowers may place desired items on hold through the catalog or complete the form below for a collection to be selected and pulled by library staff a minimum of 14 days in advance.

* Requests can be made in person, by phone, email, or by using the online form below.
* A title list can also be emailed directly to
* You will be notified by phone when your collection is complete.
* Collections will be held for 1 week after the pick-up call is made. Any collections not picked up within 1 week will be re-shelved.
* Collections may be picked up at any Licking County Library location, including the bookmobile.

Please note: 2 weeks is the standard time frame for teacher collections to be pulled and processed. Large requests or requests for in-demand topics (holidays, seasonal themes, etc.) may take up to 3 weeks or longer to be completed. The library makes every effort to fill classroom collections with books from the main library’s shelves, however, we often need to order books from other libraries in the consortium to meet demand. We have no control over the standard transit times between locations around the state and therefore cannot rush your request.



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