Welcome to the OPI Pollination Workshop Pre-Registration Page.
You can leave your contact details here so that we can send you updates. Please take a moment to fill in the 8 questions which will help us tailor the workshop.

* 1. Please list your name and contact details. They will only be used for the purposes of contacting you about the workshop.

* 2. What level of study are you involved with?

* 3. Name of Supervisor/s

* 4. Working title of thesis

* 5. Please list the study system that you are working in (e.g semi-arid woodland) and the key species that you are working with.

* 6. We are planning on covering a range of techniques and methods; breeding systems, pollen flow, pollen libraries, pollen‐tube growth, pollen germination, insect identification, pollinator networks, molecular tools, working with endangered species, non‐invasive pollen sampling from mammals and insects.

Please list any additional areas for the workshop organisers to consider for inclusion.

* 7. Presenting your work to peers at a workshop is a great way to receive feedback in a supportive environment. Would you be prepared to give a 15 min talk outlining your research questions and scope of works? Powerpoint will be available for presenters.

* 8. Finally, for planning purposes we will start to accept bookings in March 2010 for the October Workshop (17-20 October 2010, at My Hyland, northern NSW). Meanwhile please indicate your current level of interest. Don't forget to discuss the workshop with your supervisor/s!