* 1. How do you rate the quality and performance of each of the following Town of Manchester services and programs?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Don't Know
Public Schools
Fire Services
Police Services
Harbormaster Services
Animal Control
Traffic Circulation
Parking/Parking Enforcement
Street Maintenance/Repair
Town Parks
Town Beaches
Snow Plowing/ Removal
Sidewalk Maintenance
Trash Collection
Solid Waste Transfer Station
Drinking Water Quality
Sewer Services/Repairs
Recreational Programming for Youth
Recreational Programming for Adults
Veteran Services
Elder Services
Library Services
Handicapped Accessibility of Facilities
Public Parking Availability
Public Transportation
Business Development and Support
Land Use Planning, Regulation, and Zoning
Building Permits and Code Enforcement
Tax Assessment Services
Tax and Utility Bill Collections
Town Clerk Services
Public Health Services
Land Conservation
Protection of Public Resources

* 2. How would you rate the importance of the following in their influence on your decision to move and/or remain in Manchester?

  Essential Very Important Somewhat Important Not at all Important Not Sure
Public schools
Town Services
Civic/Volunteer Opportunities
Geographic Location
Variety of Housing Choices
Open space/ Conservation
Small Town Ambience and Lifestyle
Proximity to the Coast
Recreational Opportunities
Cultural Opportunities
Property Values/ Investments

* 3. Do you feel that local citizens have opportunities to be involved in discussions about future plans and priorities for the town?

* 4. Do you feel that the town government and local community organizations work well together to improve the quality of life?

* 5. In the last twelve months, how many times have you participated in the following civic/community activities?

  none once or twice a number of times many times
Voted in an election
Attended town meeting
Attended a meeting of a Town Board or Committee
Attended a Town Event (Fourth of July, Festival by the Sea)
Volunteered at a local non-profit or civic group

* 6. In what ways do you feel that town government and local community organizations could be improved?

* 7. How often do you rely on the following media to obtain town news?

  Daily Weekly Occasionally Seldom Never
The Manchester Cricket
The Salem News
The Gloucester Times
The Town of Manchester Website
Email Notifications
Local TV
Word of Mouth

* 8. How would you like to receive your news and notifications about the town?

* 9. What are your top three favorite aspects of Manchester?

* 10. What are your three top concerns for the future of Manchester?