This survey for the LoG Fall 2018 Camping trip to The Vineyards on Lake Grapevine on November 9-11, 2018.


1) Everyone who wants an RV site or a cabin will register FIRST. The drop dead deadline for this phase will be September 12th.
2) The second registration phase is for TENT registrations. This phase will begin on September 13th and will run through the end of October.

* indicates a required question

* 1. What is your name? (Format: Last name, First name)

* 2. If applicable, what is your spouse's name?

* 3. How many people are camping?

* 4. How many pets do you have?  If any, what types of pets are they?

* 5. What type of site (Cabin, RV, or tent)?

* 6. If requesting an RV site, what type and length of RV?

* 7. How many vehicles will you take into the park?

* 8. Do you have any special requests?

* 9. What is your cell number?

* 10. What is your email address?