* 1. In general, how would you rate your overall health?

* 2. What area of your health causes you the most concern?

* 3. What area of your health would you like to learn more about how to treat naturally?

* 4. If you could take just one supplement to increase your health? What type would you think you need?

* 5. What role do your emotions play in your physical health?

* 6. If given an opportunity to understand your body better through learning about your emotions, would you find that helpful?

* 7. Please make any comments about areas of your health you would like more help with. Or give us some questions you would like the answer to, we will address it in our next blog or newsletter.

* 8. What is the most frustrating thing you deal with in relation to your health/body/life?

* 9. What scares you most when you think of getting older?