Arts-in-Health Survey

The purpose of this survey is to create an inventory of faculty and staff who are currently engaged in or interested in the field of arts-in-health. This information will help us understand the current landscape of arts-in-health at the University of Utah, determining areas of strength and opportunities for future short-, mid-, and long-term development. We appreciate your time.

* 1. Please provide your name and contact information below. (We will not share it, sell it, or otherwise distribute it. This is for internal purposes only as we advance the arts-in-health initiative at the University of Utah.)

* 2. Are you currently engaged in arts-in-health research, teaching, or community engagement? (Check all that apply)

* 3. Please briefly describe your interest(s) in arts-in-health research, teaching, and/or community engagement here (e.g., examining neurological responses to aesthetic experience; understanding how dance participation improves quality of life for older adults; providing artistic engagement to underserved populations).

* 4. Please briefly describe your area(s) of expertise here (e.g., qualitative study design and assessment; art therapy; music composition).

* 6. If you know of anyone else at the University of Utah who would be interested in arts-in-health activities, please provide their name and contact information below (you may also share this survey with them). We will not publish or share their information.

* 7. Do you have anything else you would like to share at this time regarding arts-in-health at the University of Utah or the region?