1. 2009 Student Challenge Survey

The Student Challenge is a long standing tradition dating back to 1881. The goal of the challenge is to increase student philanthropy on campus. A student's tuition only covers 44% of what it takes to educate a student at UNI, that's why it's important for students, alumni, and friends to give back to UNI to provide the amazing opportunities we, as students, have at UNI! Your opinion is important in helping us determine a project that is of the most importance to students. This is your chance to leave your paw print on UNI!

* 1. What is your classification?

* 2. Do you think giving to UNI is important?

* 3. Do you know that alumni and friends give back to UNI every year?

* 4. Which of the following would you, as a student, donate towards?

* 5. How much are you willing to donate for the enrichment of the UNI campus?

* 6. How do you get information about events/fundraisers on campus?