Animal Therapies Ltd (ATL) has been awarded a grant from the Department of Social Services to fund people diagnosed with a disability to attend our National Conference on the Animal-Assisted Services Sector. * Limited numbers apply

Our National Virtual Conference will be held from 1 February - 28 February 2021 and will have closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Successful applicants will have their conference registration fee covered. 

The animal-assisted services sector is made up of a range of different professionals who have animals working alongside them as a key part of their service delivery:

ü  Allied Health professionals deliver Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT)

ü  Educators, Coaches, Learning and Development professionals deliver Animal-Assisted Learning (AAL)

ü  Professional Animal Handler Teams who have been assessed as suitable for visits to workplaces, hospitals, aged care homes, places of study and other institutions deliver Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA)

ü  Professional Assistance Animal Trainers who satisfy certain standards required to train animals to help people with a disability better access public life deliver assistance animal training and or placement. (AA)

February has been named National "Animals Helping Humans" Month and to celebrate it in 2021 we have decided to hold our National Conference over a 28 day period where people can choose from more than 20 sessions to attend.

Some sessions will be generic to the sector as a whole including research on the benefits that these services can offer to people with a disability. Others will be focused on each of the buckets sitting in the sector ie: assistance animals, animal-assisted therapy etc.

Closed captioning will be available.

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* 1. Contact Details

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* 2. Tell us a little bit about you

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* 3. Please tell us what disability you have been diagnosed with

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* 4. If you are not successful at obtaining funding through this grant, do you have access to NDIS or any other funding that could facilitate your attendance at the National Conference?

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* 5. Why are you interested in the animal-assisted services conference?

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* 6. What parts of the conference do you want to attend?

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* 7. We will be choosing people from each state and territory to be the recipient of this funding across 10 different disability groups. Why should we choose you?

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* 8. Would you be interested in speaking at the conference? If so, what would you like to present on?

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* 9. Thank you for your time in completing this application and good luck. Once we finalise the Conference program we will be in touch with you. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that your submission will be awarded with funding as we will not be able to fund all applications. The conference program will be available by the 15 October and applications close for funding on the 30 November 2020. All decisions are final.

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