LSI Welcome Center Initiative

LSI's Refugee and Immigrant Services Team is leading a collaborative community effort to create a welcome and empowerment center in Central Iowa. This center will serve immigrants, people who came to the United States as refugees, and foreign-born populations in Central Iowa. Our hope is that this will be a vibrant, community hub, where all feel welcome and find opportunities to create a full and prosperous life with their families in their new home.

As we refine this vision with our community, we seek to gain a better understanding of how your organization might offer information, services, and/or resources in this multicultural hub. We would also like to gauge your organization's interest in the opportunity to physically co-locate in this Center.

Your answers to this survey will help our team better define the space needed for this important endeavor, create a menu of services, and develop our tools and strategies for supporting providers to successfully serve foreign-born clients.

Thank you for your time!

Please contact Caryn Kelly at or 515-204-1873