Nomination deadlines for Muskegon Community College's Alumni Awards is December 31 of every year.

Thank you for your interest in nominating a deserving MCC alumni for an alumni award! Each year the MCC Alumni Relations Committee selects recipients based on the criteria below. Before clicking on the "Next" button below, please gather the information you need to address questions related to each topic area.

Distinguished Alumni Award
A tradition for many years at MCC, the Distinguished Alumni Award is the highest honor that Muskegon Community College bestows upon an outstanding alum. The award salutes the achievements of outstanding alumni whose personal lives, professional achievements, and community service exemplify the objectives of their alma mater.

Alumni Achievement Award
The Alumni Achievement Award recognizes alumni within 15 years of graduating from MCC for their extraordinary professional accomplishments.

Award recipients are selected based on the following criteria:

MCC College Career – The nominee must have earned an associate’s
degree or certificate, or completed a minimum of 50 credit hours at Muskegon Community College and have demonstrated a record of excellence in academics and extracurricular participation.

Professional Achievement – The nominee must have distinguished themselves through achievement or advancement in his or her career, earned degrees, professional training, professional recognition and/or outstanding contributions to his or her field.

Service to the Community – Nominee shall have demonstrated a record of community participation and involvement.

Availability – In addition to the above criteria, the nominee must be available to attend the Distinguished Alumni Dinner and Commencement Ceremony.

Submit your nomination by simply clicking on the 'Next' button below. Note: all fields must be filled out in order to qualify for the award. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Rachel Stewart, Alumni and Donor Relations Manager, at (231) 777-0461 or email