* 1. Name and Organization

* 2. Did you attend our Planning Forward, LCPC 2018+ session on April 12?

* 3. Please rate, on a scale of 1 - 5, with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent

  1 2 3 4 5
Value of the afternoon
Process (Pre-Planning, Planning, Post-Planning) to allow greater involvement.

* 4. After a wide-ranging discussion, there was unanimous support for the idea of removing  “0 – 18 years of age” from the mandate statement.  This removes the sometimes inaccurate hard line on the end of youth.  Because of the remaining mandate wording, it still weights the Council focus toward the younger end of the age spectrum without creating a restrictive boundary. The mandate statement would then read: The Lanark County Planning Council (LCPC) provides leadership and coordination to enable optimal development and healthy living for Lanark County children, youth, and their families. Do you agree with this change?

* 5. One of the suggestions from the day was to (in-full or in-part) self-finance the LCPC.  Would your organization be willing to offer annual support to the Planning Council?

* 6. On a sliding scale of $50 to $5000, what amount would your organization consider as annual support?

* 7. Could your organization contribute a different service that is not an annual financial contribution – either additionally or in-lieu of? (consistent minute-taking, refreshments, office space,  hosting the planner/coordinator position,  etc) 

* 8. Are there other organizations you think we should invite to join the Planning Council? 

* 9. We currently encourage membership from organization Executive Director or Senior Management.  Is this appropriate?

* 10. Have we missed anything?