Welcome back to another Fan Expo Dinner survey!  Thanks for taking the time to help us prepare an excellent evening for all of us at this year's convention weekend.

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* 1. Which costuming club are you a member of?

Hi everyone!

Thanks to your feedback, I have narrowed the possible choices for a Cross-Club Fan Expo Dinner down to three venues for this year.  They vary in price point, location, and capacity -- and I need your help one more time to finalize plans and select a final venue.  

Please take the time to review these options in the survey questions to follow.  I appreciate your continued feedback!
The first option is the Steamworks Pub.

Steamworks Pub Interior

Located conveniently just a block away from the Convention Centre, right at Waterfront Skytrain station, Steamworks can offer us a venue with a maximum capacity of 120 guests, at roughly a $65 price point per person for a buffet-style dinner (drinks not included).

The catch : Steamworks has a minimum spend of $3000, meaning that with minimum 65 guests, the price per person is roughly $65 (with more guests, the price per person reduces proportionally).  Additionally, Steamworks only has availability for our group on Friday, October 12th, at 9:30pm.   You would pre-purchase your ticket in advance for this venue, which would cover venue rental and your dinner -- drinks would be extra at the cash bar, but would contribute towards the minimum spend.

Many of you provided feedback that this option was either too late, the wrong date, or too pricey.
The second option is Al Porto Restaurant.

Al Porto Interior

Al Port is simalarly just a block away from the Convention Centre, and offers us a guest capacity of up to 120 guests.  Unlike Steamworks, they can accommodate our group on Saturday, October 13th, at 7:30pm.  They can provide a plated dinner of salad, pasta, guests' choices of beef, fish, chicken, or vegetarian entree, and dessert.   As with Steamworks, you would pre-purchase your ticket for this venue.  There is no minimum spend,  meaning we could book this venue with as few as 25 guests.

However, the price point is higher : costs per person for this venue would be roughly $80 per person, not including drinks at the cash bar.
The final option is St. Regis' Bar & Grill.

St. Regis Interior

Many of you will be familiar with this venue -- it has been our choice for the last 2 years.  A smaller venue, and just a few blocks further from the convention centre, St. Regis offers a more modest capacity (75 guests max) and price point (minimum spend of $700).  They are also available on Saturday, October 13th, at 7:30pm.

This is a great option if the price points for the other venues are not ideal.  Additionally, you would not need to purchase your ticket in advance -- you simply pay for whatever you order the night-of.  However, the maximum capacity means that we will very likely have to restrict attendance to members only, no +1's.

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* 2. Which of these three venues would you prefer?

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* 3. If you selected Steamworks or Al Porto:  Would you invite a +1 if you were able?

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* 4. Do you have any additional questions, comments, concerns, or feedback?