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Through the Ombudsman (Komesina o Sulufaiga) Act of 2013, the Ombudsman’s Office has been tasked with preparing and submitting an annual State of Human Rights Report outlining the state of human rights and recommendations on ways to further protect and promote human rights in Samoa. This year this Office is preparing its second Report to be due to Parliament in June of 2016 with its focus on the rights of “Persons with Disability”.  

In an effort to make the process as participatory as possible, the Office aims to survey the general population- community, Government, NGOs, Schools etc on perceptions of issues regarding rights of persons with disabilities in the country.

Please note that there is no right or wrong answer. The aim is to provide the views of each individual. So we encourage individuals to provide honest and complete answers as it will assist the Office in presenting the views of Samoan citizens for this Report.

Participation in this survey is voluntary, personal details remain anonymous, and all information will be used solely for the Report.

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