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JeWitch Camp
Pagans, Jews, and Those Who Love Them
Gathering in the Woods for a Restorative in the Reclaiming Tradition 

Join Starhawk and Friends
October 10-14, 2018
Camp Cazadero ~ 2.5 Hours North of San Francisco

$395 Early Bird Reduced Rate  
Limited Number Available

A Highly Participatory Event
Rituals, multiday intensives, camper-led workshops, music, dancing, storytelling, and connecting with friends - old and new on 1,000 acres of open meadow and forest groves (including a 1,000-year-old bay laurel tree)
Heated cabins and delicious meals
Vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free options available

At Jewitch Camp we value and strive towards inclusiveness. We also respect self-definition; whether about one's beliefs, identities, or practices.

People of Color, those of Mizrachi and/or Sephardi descent, those who identify as LGBTQ (including those who identify as gender non-conforming), those who have low-incomes, as well as people from all religious paths and people living with disability are vital and welcome members of our community.

This is a clean and sober event: no recreational drugs or alcohol.

Physical accessibility is a priority. Camp is wheelchair accessible.

We ask people to come fragrance free (including laundry, hair and body products) so everyone can participate. To facilitate this we provide plenty of fragrance free products for use at camp.

Accommodations are dorm-style - bunk beds - sleeping 8 -14 in each room. Each camper brings their own towels, pillows, blankets, & bedding. If you are coming from afar, we will do our best to provide towels, pillows, blankets, & bedding for you.

Bunks have heat, hot water, showers, toilets, sinks, bunk beds with mattresses, & electricity.

Lunches and dinners are cooked for us by the stewards of Camp Cazadero and they do all the clean up. All of us will bring and cook breakfasts together. 
The Money Part:
$395 Early Bird Reduced Rate
(limited number of tickets available at this rate)
$200 cancellation fee before noon PST 9/1/18; no refunds after that date. Tickets ARE transferable. So if you can't come, you can find someone to buy your ticket.
Donations to financial aid fund are GREATLY appreciated.

Some financial aid is available for People of Color, those who are of Mizrachi or Sephardic descent, people who have disabilities, and those on a limited & fixed income. To apply, please complete this form, then email us at jewitchcamp@gmail.com (let us know how much you are requesting and which categories you fit in).
Tell Me More:
About JeWitch Camp: www.jewitchcamp.org
About JeWitch Collective: www.jewitch.org
To be on JeWitch Collective's email list & to find out about more events: email: JeWitchCollective@gmail.com
About Starhawk - www.starhawk.org
About the Reclaiming Tradition: www.reclaiming.org/about
About beautiful Camp Cazadero: www.uccr.org/camp/camp-cazadero

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* 1. Contact Info:

* 2. Emergency Contact

* 3. What called you to come to camp? What do you hope to get out of your experience at camp?

* 4. JeWitch Camp is a highly participatory event. Each participant will take on a role while we are together. What skills, talents, logistical help, workshop or altar ideas, etc. would you like to contribute? What specific strengths or skills do you bring to this community that you want to offer?

* 5. What would like us to know about your spiritual practice and/or cultural identity?

* 6. Food needs:  Please let us know what food allergies and/or food restrictions you have. Efforts will be made to to accommodate everyone’s needs. To help us, we need to know ahead of time if you have the following dietary restrictions and/or allergies:  Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, No red meat, Lactose Free, Nut allergies; other important information to share.  Please be specific.

* 7. Most sleeping accommodations are in cabins with bunk beds.  Each cabin has toilets and showers.  If you have special needs, please let us know here. Please be specific.

* 8. What other disability or accessibility concerns that could affect your experience at camp would you like us to know about?

* 9. What else would you like us to know about you so that we can make camp a better, safer, or more inclusive experience for you? Please understand we will read all entries and do our best to take everyone's responses into account.

* 10. How did you find out about JeWitch Camp?

* 11. Anything else you'd like to tell us: questions, comments, encouragement, etc.?