Attention fellow Hawks, I need your help!

Dear HVE Families,
My name is Chrissy Fraser and I am the School Counselor at HVE. I'm on site Mon.-Wed. My primary task is to provide services and support to ensure that all students feel safe and successful at school. 

Many of you have been members of the HVE community for a long time. You know the school inside and out. I am looking to you to help me figure out what areas of need there are in terms of social and emotional development as well as mental health. I would greatly appreciate your time and effort to complete this brief survey. Your feedback will help me develop a comprehensive school counseling program that effectively addresses the needs of Hidden Valley students and their families.

Thank you in advance for your time and support. You're always welcome to contact me directly with questions, concerns, and ideas! I can be reached at

Question Title

* 1. Which topics would you be interested in learning more about at a workshop with the School Counselor?

Question Title

* 2. Would you attend a free workshop facilitated by the School Counselor if the topic were of interest to you?

Question Title

* 3. Which 3 topics would you say need to be given more attention or are the most significant areas of need at HVE?