Let the Arizona Department of Education know what would be helpful for you and your district to successfully operate the National School Lunch Program.

* 1. Meal Service, more detail in:

* 2. Verification, more detail in:

* 3. Household Applications, more in detail:

* 4. I wish ADE would create Web-Based module(s) on:

* 5. I wish ADE would provide Professional Development training(s) on:

* 6. Would it be useful for ADE to provide trainings on newly released memos as a Live-Webinar explaining the HNS memos to help SFAs stay up to date on new guidance and allow SFAs to ask questions?

* 7. The biggest challenge(s) attending training(s) are:

* 8. Still have something on your mind? Please share with us other training ideas or topics you wish to see in upcoming training schedules.