* 1. Are you part of the Pure Battlefield community already? (Either visit Teamspeak sometimes or play on the server or get involved with the Subreddit.)

* 2. Have you ever attended a Community Event Before? If yes Please tick which ones.

* 3. Which of these have you enjoyed most?

* 4. How would you rate the organizational side of BaconBagel's Event's?

* 5. Which of these events will you be likely to attend?

* 6. Do You Look at the rules before the event starts?

* 7. Are you more likely to attend BaconBagel's community events with the new set of guidelines? (Must read rules, be co-operative, no client side mods unless specified)

* 8. Is there anything you would like to add? (in terms of how BaconBagel can improve his events)

* 9. Do you have any sugestions for future events which BaconBagel should Organize for you? (Please give you Battelog name so I can give you credit.)