Invoice request

If you will be including multiple guests in the Earth Heal event, please answer the questions below to help us work out and send the invoice to you.

We will be in touch with you via e-mail as soon as possible.

* 1. Name

* 2. E-mail address

* 3. Which event will your guests be participating in?

* 4. Please let us know how many of your guests are adults, seniors, children and animals:

  One Two Three Four Five
Adults - $8
Seniors (over 65) - $6
Children (under 18) - $6
Animals (pets) - $4

* 5. Would you like us to send you an invoice with a link to make your payment from PayFast, our preferred payment gateway?

* 6. If no to Q5,  would you like an invoice sent to you from Payoneer? (Our second choice)

* 7. If no to Q6, would you like us to send you a PayPal invoice?

* 8. If no to Q7, please indicate below which payment method you would like to use.  Where applicable, additional amounts in USD  are added in brackets, .to cover commission, bank charges or other costs.

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