Assist Survivors of the 
Northern California Fires

Disaster Legal Services Volunteer Attorney Form

Thank you for your interest in assisting fire survivors. The disaster legal services hotline will operate through the Bar Association of San Francisco in partnership with the Bay Area Resilience Collaborative (Justice & Diversity Center, Alameda County Bar Association and its Volunteer Legal Services Corporation, State Bar of California Office of Legal Services, Bay Area Legal Aid, Pro Bono Net and the Judicial Council of California), the Legal Aid Association of California, the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and others. Assistance through this hotline is available to qualified people affected by the North Bay fires.

Volunteers are needed to help staff a legal hotline and resource table at Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC) in the near future. Volunteers also will be needed to handle pro bono cases to assist fire survivors in the next 1-3 months. Online trainings and technical assistance are available. Malpractice insurance will also be provided by the local legal services provider for all pro bono work through the programs. Please complete and submit the sign up form. You will receive follow up information by email. If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Ngim at or Elizabeth Hom at at the State Bar of California Office of Legal Services.

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