* 1. Please help us determine your demographic range by selecting which age-appropriate services you or your family use at Bitterroot Public Library.

* 2. Are you responding individually or on behalf of others as well?

* 3. On average, how often do you visit the library?

* 4. If you answered "Never" to question 3, we'd like to know what we could do that might better serve your interests or bring you in to the library.

* 5. The library is open Monday 10-6, Tuesday and Wednesday 10-8, Thursday 10-6, and Friday and Saturday 10-5. Do you find the library's open hours and regular schedule of programming satisfactory?

* 6. How do you find out about BPL services and events?

* 7. Overall, do you find communication about happenings at the Bitterroot Public Library to be sufficient for your needs?
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* 8. Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with the Library?

* 9. Please describe any additional services you would like to see the library offer or anything we could do to make the library more comfortable.

* 10. Overall, do you find the available space at BPL satisfactory for your effective use of the Library?

 For example: table and comfortable (soft) seating space, browsing space between shelves, general space  for interior movement, availability of public computers, power outlets, etc.

Please offer any suggestions below.