Apply to Attend Wisdom 2.0: The Intersect

Wisdom 2.0 Intersect is currently by application. We encourage you to give thoughtful and complete responses that indicate your interest in attending.

Who should apply:
*You have a passion for awareness practices and embodying this in your life.
*You are embarking on or planning to embark on efforts in this area, be it in education, business, or health care.
*You are willing to share, listen, and collaborate.
*You have a desire to connect with others on this topic, and see yourself as part of a bigger movement.
*Please fill out the below application if you are interested in attending, and we will be in touch!

Questions? Please email

(If you already received an invitation email with a link and password, please follow that to register.)

Investor/Angel/Philanthropist (early bird): $3,000
Executive / Corporate (early bird) $2,500
Entrepreneur / Consultant / Start-up (early bird, limited amount): $1,800
Non-Profit (early bird, limited amount): $1,400

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. What is your email address?

* 3. What is your current area of work?

* 4. Have you ever attended a Wisdom 2.0 event before?

* 5. What are you currently doing or envisioning doing in this area of bringing greater awareness and wisdom in the world?

* 6. Please provide a 1-2 minute video telling us what interests you in attending The Intersect 100 and what it would look like if this event completely met your vision for what you need.

* 7. What area or industry do you primarily work in?

* 8. We have a limited amount of non-profit tickets available. If your primary work is with a non-profit, what is the name and website of the non-profit?

* 9. If you're applying for a non-profit ticket, what is your role at the organization? And is this your primary industry of work?

* 10. Thank you for taking the time to fill this out. Is there anything else you would like us to know?