Bike Sharing is coming to Philadelphia in Spring 2015!
We want to know what you think about the program and how it will get you around the City.
We've already asked many of you to suggest a bike share station location by placing points on the PHL Bike Share Map. If you haven't done it yet, please do!

Please take a moment to answer these few questions.
Please answer only one Fall/September 2014 Bike Share Philadelphia Survey per person.

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* 1. What is your home zip code?

* 2. Are you planning to participate in Philadelpia's Bike Share Program?

* 3. How far are you willing to walk to the nearest Bike Share station?

* 4. If you do not ride or own a bicycle, would you be willing to try it using a Bike Share program?

* 5. Which best describes you and your reason for your interest in Bike Share?

* 6. How much are you willing to pay for a single one-time use to get from one station to another in the Bike Share program?

* 7. How much are you willing to pay for a Daily Pass to participate in the Bike Share program? (A Daily Pass would allow 24 hrs of unlimited access to the bikes for an initial time period of 30 to 45 minutes for each ride at no additional chage. There would be an additional charge for continous rides lasting longer that the intial time period.)

* 8. How much are you willing to pay for a Monthly Pass to participate in a Bike Share program? The same type of  usage stipulation as Daily, but for a month.

* 9. Address