As an IT professional responsible for cloud migration in your organization, your feedback is valuable us. We would like to invite you to take this brief 7-question survey to gain a better understanding of the transition over to the cloud.

Results will be presented during a webinar held on January 31st. All survey participants are invited to attend this webinar and will be entered into a drawing for an iPad Mini. Your answers will remain anonymous, however please provide your email at the end of the survey in order to be eligible for the drawing.

Please note: This survey is intended for and directed at IT professionals who are responsible for cloud migration. If your role does not encompass these duties, this survey will not be applicable to you and you will not be eligible for the iPad mini drawing.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience and expertise!

* 1. What is your title level?

* 2. How big is your company?

* 3. What applications have you moved to the cloud or a hosted solution?

* 4. How do you handle provisioning user accounts for cloud applications?

* 5. For apps you have not moved to the cloud, what is the top barrier?

* 6. For the apps you have moved to the cloud, what were the top 2 reasons?

* 7. For your overall cloud administration, what are the two most important features?

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