* 1. Is truth knowable? Can something be true for me but not true for someone else? Is truth relative to each individual? Is truth subjective or objective?

* 2. Is there a God? How do we know? Is there scientific or philosophical evidence supporting the existence of a being that fits our description of God?

* 3. Can I trust The Bible? Is it reliable? Do we have accurate copies? Is it credible? Were the authors telling the truth? How do we know?

* 4. Is Jesus who he says he is? Was he a real man in history? Did he really rise bodily from the dead? Are the events surrounding his life historically verifiable?

* 5. What about all the other world religions? Are they all wrong? Are they all right? How can I share and defend the truth of Christianity without attacking individuals or their culture?

* 6. What does Christianity really teach about the body, sexuality, and marriage? What does it look like to love my gay and lesbian friends or family members? How can I share and defend the truth about sexuality without attacking individuals?

* 7. If God is all loving, all knowing, and all powerful, why is there still evil and suffering in our world? Does evil disprove God, or at least some of His attributes?

* 8. Is it ok to have doubts? Is my faith lacking because I have questions? Does God get angry with people who have doubts and questions?

* 9. How can I effectively share my faith? What should evangelism look like in our culture? When should I talk and when should I listen? How do I share and defend the truth without attacking individuals?

* 10. I have a question that was not mentioned above. (Write your question below or skip.)

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