Student Reflection Form

Now that you have completed your career shadowing experience, take some time to reflect on what you observed and how it might affect your plans for the future.

* 1. Information

* 2. What are the title and responsibilities of your workplace host?

* 3. What parts of the job were interesting to you?  Boring to you?  Please explain.

* 4. Would you consider a career in this field?  Why or why not?

* 5. What surprised you most about what you learned, heard, or observed?

* 6. What knowledge and skills are required to be successful for the job you shadowed?

* 7. What must you do to obtain the skills and knowledge identified in the question above (i.e. on the job training, technical school, college, etc.)?

* 8. What knowledge and skills are you learning or have learned in school that will be used on the job (i.e. math skills, English skills, technical skills, computer skills, etc.)?

* 9. What other ideas for careers came to mind while you were on your career shadowing experience?

* 10. How could we improve this career shadowing experience for other students in the future?