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We value your opinion. Please take a moment to help us evaluate the services that we provided to you and/or your family. Your feedback can help us to improve our programs and services. We are interested in your honest opinions, both positive and negative. Thank you!

* 1. Clinician's Name:

* 2. Which Family Continuity office provided your services?

* 3. Please provide your responses to the questions that follow below:

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1. When identifying goals to work on in treatment, I was involved and, if I received family services, my family was involved as well.
2. Family Continuity's services were clearly explained during the first appointment.
3. I found staff to be sensitive to my culture, language, gender, and/or sexual orientation.
4. Staff were easily accessible and available when needed.
5. Staff were able to meet with me on the dates and times that fit with my schedule.
6. Staff explored community supports and helped to coordinate other services for me and/or my family.
7. Services included discussion of my (and/or my family's) strengths
8. As a result of these services, I am better able to manage my and/or my family's stress.
9. As a result of my work through Family Continuity, I am more aware of other services and new resources.
10. Staff helped me meet my needs and/or the needs of my family and to achieve my/my family's goals.
11. I am satisfied with the quality of services I received (through Family Continuity).
12. Overall, the services were delivered in a respectful and helpful manner.
13. If I or my family were to seek help in the future, I would return to Family Continuity.

* 4. Were you aware that Family Continuity had an after-hours line available for your use?

* 5. Was the on-call person helpful in addressing the crisis?

* 6. What was most helpful about the services you received?

* 7. What can be changed?