Sen Phil Fortunato. R-Auburn

* 1. The Court has ordered the state legislature to fully fund basic education by 2018. The governor has proposed funding education by implementing an income tax on capital gains. An income tax on capital gains is an inherently unstable source of revenue. When the economy inevitably takes a downturn, the revenue plummets, and politicians broaden the tax to make up for the loss. That’s how these taxes evolve into general income taxes. Do you support taking the risk of an income tax in order to fund education?

* 2. Since 1978, there have been 1477 permanent rules added to the Common Schools RCW’s. That’s an average of 39 new rules a year. These rules force schools to spend money on administration instead of teaching our kids. Would you support reducing regulations on our schools so that more money makes it to the classroom?

* 3. The governor’s tax plan calls for B&O taxes to kick in right when a small business is ready to start hiring employees. Should we give priority to reducing the burden on small business so people can create their own jobs? 

* 4. Do you support reducing government regulation to promote job creation in Washington state?

* 5. The Senate adopted a rule requiring a two-thirds majority of its members to pass any legislation that raises taxes. Do you support a two-thirds majority to raise taxes?

* 6. In 2015, the legislature passed the nation’s second largest gas tax. Now, some are suggesting a miles-traveled tax in order to raise even more money for transportation. Would you support a miles-traveled tax to fund transportation projects?

* 7. The 2017-2019 budget will see historic revenue growth (12.2%) without raising new taxes. Do you support prioritizing government spending to make the most efficient use of our existing tax dollars over flushing money down the toilet?

* 8. Our transportation infrastructure has failed to keep up with the demands of our growing population. As a result, our region experiences some of the country’s worst traffic congestion.  Do you support adding lane capacity for commuter vehicles in order to ease traffic congestion?

* 9. Attorney General Bob Ferguson recently introduced legislation to ban guns (rifles and pistols) based on their appearance and capacity. Would you support this type of ban on guns?

* 10. For many families, hunting is a tradition that dates back generations. The Attorney General has proposed raising the age to own a gun. Do you support raising the age to own a gun to 21 years old?

* 11. Homeless encampments are associated with property crimes, drug problems, and high environmental clean-up costs. What would be the most effective way to combat the problems associated with homelessness?

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