Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to complete the Junum Hospital Malnutrition Quality Survey (HMQS).  
Malnutrition is a concern at hospitals everywhere. And its true impacts — both clinical and financial — are too often hidden by lack of data. While EHRs are highly effective for many clinical use cases, they aren’t often designed to support nutrition care partnerships between physicians and dietitians — including identifying and diagnosing malnutrition.   
The Hospital Malnutrition Quality Survey (HMQS) is designed to be completed by the Clinical Nutrition Manager (or higher level nutrition leader) and should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.  As a CNM you have probably wondered...

  • Are we doing a great job with malnutrition care?
  • Am I able to show my organization that the Nutrition team is contributing substantial value?
  • Does our EHR help or hurt the way our clinical care is delivered?
  • Are reports around malnutrition easily generated from our EHR? 
  • Are you prepared if you need to report on how you're doing (eCQMs) and from a quality and insurance claims perspective?  
Our goal is to help you assess whether or not malnutrition care at your organization is clinician and patient focused and provides enhanced data reporting via an optimized EHR.