Welcome to make Lithuanian Woman acknowledged. Submit a candidate till 4th of May

JCI Lithuania (www.jci.lt) is a jury member to select the Brightest TOP 20 Women in Business in the Nordic Area organized by the Nordic Business Forum (www.nbforum.com)
Similar to 2011 – 2014, Nordic Business Report continues to produce interesting rakings of the leading people in the business sphere. In 2011 we ranked the greatest business thinkers in Finland and in 2012 the greatest business thinkers in the Nordics. In 2014, we decided to celebrate the younger generation with our 30 under 30 ranking. Basically all of Northern Europe was covered in this ranking: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

In the August 2015 issue of Nordic Business Report, we are going to publish a list of the Top 20 Women in Business in Northern Europe – including all of the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland), Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Russia.

If you have additional ideas, questions, proposals, feel free to contact Loreta: loreta@jci.lt

* 1. Information about the nominee

* 2. Results achieved in the business(es) they are running – whether as an entrepreneur or leading an enterprise they don’t own

* 3. Impact on their business / industry / society – i.e. are they a leader who has had influence or change in any of these three areas

* 4. Originality and practicality of their ideas – are they a creative and pragmatic leader

* 5. Responsibility in their actions (social and environmental) – are they thinking beyond simply running a profitable company and looking to make sure their company is a responsible citizen when it comes to being environmentally sensitive and giving back to society

* 6. International outlook – does their business / innovations / ideas have international appeal / significance

* 7. Future potential – does it look like most of their success is still ahead

* 8. Additional information

* 9. Thank you for helping us out. Would you be so kind to provide your details for further information on the ranking of the  Brightest Women in Business in the Nordic Area?