Proposed Changes to Utah Medicaid and Primary Care Network (PCN)

Tell us what you think about Governor Herbert and the Utah Department of Health’s proposed changes to Medicaid/ PCN and how they would impact you, your family or your community. You can read more about the proposed changes on the State's website.

*Please note: The federal government is now accepting comments on Utah's proposed changes to Medicaid and PCN. If you complete this survey, we (the Healthier Utah Coalition) can submit your survey responses directly to them during the comment period. If you wish to submit additional comments on, you can comment on the waiver here. The comment period will close on September 30th.

A little background on proposed changes:
In 2016, the Utah Legislature voted to move forward on a limited Medicaid expansion to very low-income adults experiencing chronic homelessness, substance abuse or mental health needs, or involved in the justice system. While not a full Medicaid expansion, many viewed this as a small first step toward insuring some of Utah’s most vulnerable. Now the Utah Department of Health is proposing to make changes to this small limited expansion, by placing additional restrictions on their Medicaid insurance. What's more, the Department is also proposing to make changes to the Primary Care Network or PCN program which provides primary care services to over 14,000 low-income parents and individuals. The Department is also proposing to add restrictions to parent/ caretakers' Medicaid coverage.
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* 1. Do you or someone in your family have Medicaid or PCN?