* 1. Please enter your age group.

* 2. What does the library need to improve? Example: Do we need different items in our collection? Is the facility appealing to relax and spend time in?

* 3. What would you like to be available? Check as many boxes as you like.

* 4. Please rate our programs. (Five stars is the highest rating.)

* 5. Would you recommend the Hershey Public Library to friends or family?

* 6. Please write a brief review. For example: What type of program would you like to see offered? What physical changes would you like to see? How do you feel about our hours of operation?  Are the staff helpful and pleasant? What do we do well? Have you experienced any problems?

Thank you for taking the time to submit the survey. Your feedback is very important to us. You can also pick up a copy of the survey at the library. Survey ends February 12, 2018.