Multivariate data integration workshop using mixOmics

Dr Kim-Anh Lê Cao (senior lecturer at Melbourne Integrative Genomics and the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne) will run a  'semi-advanced' mixOmics workshop on 7-8 June 2018 focusing on data integration methodologies.  Register your expression of interest with this 10 question survey (~5 minutes to fill). The survey closes on April 29. Upon selection we will be sent a link for the registration fees.
More details about the workshop can be found at this link

* 1. Please enter your contact information

* 2. What is your current occupation?

* 3. How do you describe your R programming skills?

* 4. How do you describe your statistical knowledge?

* 5. How do you describe your experience using mixOmics?

* 6. What type of biological data are you interested to analyse?

* 7. What type of analysis are you mostly interested in?

* 8. Would you be able to bring your own data (pre-processed and analysed) to carry on your own analyses during the workshop?

* 9. Will you be able to bring a laptop during the workshop?

* 10. Could you please explain in a few sentences what is your motivation to attend this workshop? Your answer is important to tailor the workshop to your needs (when possible) and if we need to shortlist participants. Note that the workshop incurs registrations fees (see here).