Dear Student

Thank you for taking part in this short survey. As part of the project to understand Muslim identities in Australia and explore issues that shape their sense of inclusion and/or exclusion, we wish to conduct research on the issue of banning the Burqa and Niqab in Australia. The need for this particular subset of the project has arisen from the current emphasis on the Burqa as a signifier of security issues, gender inequality and the freedom of dress. A few political leaders and opinion makers have demanded that the Burqa and Niqab be banned in Australia. The suggestion follows the recent legislation in France in 2010 which banned the Burqa and Niqab in public spaces. Subsequent to this legislating being enforced, European countries such as Belgium, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and the United Kingdom focussed on the issue of the Burqa, Niqab and Hijab. These countries are now in various stages of proposing, voting, or enforcing legislation to prohibit the wearing of the Burqa and Niqab in public.

Against the background of these developments, we would like to understand the opinions among Muslim and non-Muslim students on their perceptions of, and reactions to, women wearing the Burqa and Niqab. We would also assess the views of both Muslims and non-Muslims on the need to ban or not to ban the wearing of the Burqa, Niqab and Hijab in public spaces in Australia. Our aim is to develop an understanding of your views on the issue and the sources of information you have accessed to shape these views.

The survey would take 20 minutes. We appreciate the effort you are making to help us develop some understanding of the issues.

Please note that you must be a current student enrolled in a higher education institute in Western Australia to take part in this survey.


Professor Samina Yasmeen
Director, The Centre for Muslim States and Societies
The University of Western Australia

Dr Jeannette Taylor
Political Science and International Relations
The University of Western Australia

Hamida Novakovich
Research Assistant
The Centre for Muslim States and Societies
The University of Western Australia