Ambler Borough's Parklands Expanded Use Hours Survey

Ambler Borough’s Parks and Recreation Committee is considering amending the Borough’s Parks and Recreation Ordinance to allow for expanded use hours in the parks.  As currently written, the ordinance “Rules and Regulations” state that “No person or persons without a special permit shall be allowed in the parklands except between the hours of sunrise and sunset.” 

Of course, depending on the time of year, sunset can occur as late at 9:00 p.m. or as early as 4:30 p.m.  Dog walkers at Ambler Borough Park and skateboarders at Knight Park, in particular, are impacted by the ordinance as currently written. 

The Parks and Recreation Committee is considering amending evening hours in the ordinance language to be either “7:00 p.m. or sunset, whichever occurs later.”

* 1. Do you approve of amending park rules to allow parks to remain open until 7:00pm from November to April or sunset whichever is later and 7:00pm or sunset from May to November (taking into account daylight savings time).

* 2. Do you approve of extending the lighting in the skate park until 7:00pm during the fall/winter months taking into account daylight savings time?