Burke Centre Conservancy

Burke Centre is a 1700-acre Planned Residential Community (PRC) which includes 5,862 homes, and is managed by the Burke Centre Conservancy Homeowners Association (HOA). The Conservancy is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Trustees that is elected by the community every two years.

The Board of Trustees is interested in hearing feedback from its members on several issues they are currently considering. 

The first is whether the Conservator monthly newsletter should continue as a printed publication that is mailed to each household in the Conservancy, or, if a switch should be made to an electronic version that is published on-line and also available on the Conservancy 's mobile app.  Many publications in the industry are moving towards an electronic format only. If the Conservator were published in “E-Format” only, it could result in considerable cost savings in the annual budget. 

The second issue concerns whether to continue with virtual meetings for the Board of Trustees and Neighborhood Council meetings, or, to resume in-person meetings.  Also, for the Neighborhood Council meetings, the Board is considering holding quarterly meetings instead of monthly meetings due to the relatively low attendance at these monthly meetings in the past.  

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* 1. Concerning the future of Conservator newsletter and how its published and distributed, please select one option shown below:

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* 2. Concerning the format for Trustee and Neighborhood Council meetings, please select one option from below:

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